GMS Contractors offer specialised services in building maintenance, ground maintenance, landscaping, reticulation, weed control with more than 20 years’ experience in the industry. Our team provide comprehensive services to commercial organisations that have particular requirements which include government bodies, strata organisations, building companies, schools, property & land developers and also offer these services to residential properties.

As an example, we are currently providing services to Water Corporation WA, Defence Housing Australia and Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage.

With our wealth of experience of dedicated staff and high-quality contractors, we have built a formidable and trustworthy reputation with our customers. Our capacity to draw upon a great network of experienced people allows us to complete all projects with a maximum of efficiency. Our enthusiastic team continually takes pride in delivering a personalised service, no matter how small or large the project.

our services

Landscape Design & Installation

At GMS we bring your outdoor areas to life with our high quality, visually appealing and practical landscape designs. We manage the whole process from the design concept through to construction and installation, closely project managing each stage to maximise efficiency throughout the entire process. We deliver commercial landscaping services to commercial and residential builders, property & land developers, government bodies, schools, and more.

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Building Maintenance

A well-maintained building is extremely important; this is where the GMS team can offer our service of ongoing management of large commercial properties. We have found by closely working with our customers we have built trust and confidence which is paramount.

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Grounds Maintenance

Having beautiful commercial landscaped gardens and grounds are a wise investment to your property or multiple sites. Maintaining that fresh and well-manicured look takes time and effort, time which can be best spent elsewhere, GMS with more than 20 years’ experience in the industry provide our expertise and skills to keep your commercial property looking fantastic all year round.

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Reticulation Design & Installation

GMS understands the importance of keeping your gardens looking lush and well maintained.

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Specialised Weed Control

GMS is a certified contractor that provides customers in Perth and all surrounding suburbs with weed control solutions. This service is available for residential and commercial properties, rural properties, bushland & natural areas, sports fields, schools, parks and government reserves.

who we service

Commercial Strata

Group Housing Associations

Commercial & Residential Builders


Property & Land Developers

Government Bodies

About GMS Contractors

In 2016, GMS Contractors was established by Managing Director, Greg Harvey as a way to maximise his extensive knowledge and experience from more than 20 years in the Commercial Landscaping and Building Maintenance industry. Greg wanted to offer a more personalised service to achieve the best outcomes with total satisfaction for his customers.

With a highly skilled and friendly results driven team at the company disposal, GMS Contractors have positioned themselves as a greatly sought after and trusted organisation in Perth and regional areas.

The team is made up of horticultural trained landscapers, ground and building maintenance professionals, and dedicated office administration bringing a multitude of talents to positive outcome for our customers.

In the short time since the business has been established, the team have achieved success by winning key service contracts to large organisations such as Water Corporation WA, Defence Housing Australia and Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage.

GMS are fully insured for all services provided to our customers and back our workmanship and materials up with a warranty. This gives you the confidence and assurance that you are working with a reputable group of professionals.

GMS are also highly regarded within the business community with positions and memberships held in the Strata Community Association and the Great Northern Business Committee.

Whether you are seeking residential or commercial landscaping, ground maintenance or building maintenance, either on a small or large scale, the team at GMS have the skills, knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to fulfil all your needs.

Please contact Greg and his team at GMS Contractors today for assistance with all your landscaping, ground maintenance and building maintenance needs.

The GMS Advantage

  • 20+ years experience
  • Highly specialised skillsets
  • Perth Metro to Bunbury/Jurien Bay
  • Dedicated Team
  • One Point of Contact Per Project

Our Process


Meet with customer

Before we commence with any new project, we first arrange a convenient time to meet with the customer to understand the project requirements. This is an integral part of the process to ensure clarity around the scope and specific details of the project or works to be undertaken. For landscaping projects, we will discuss design ideas, concept plans, garden planting plans, construction plans, project site and any limitations. For building maintenance works it’s important to take a systematic approach, so scope and scale of the works can be determined, such as corrective maintenance, planned maintenance, emergency repairs, housekeeping maintenance and any other requirements.


Obtain customer approval

Once the scope and scale of a project has been discussed and all relevant details have been obtained, our team will get to work on the design, creating plans and drawings to bring to life the visualisation of the customer’s ideas and requirements, plus relevant quotes for works to be completed. This may require agreements, schedules and costing. This is the opportune time for the customer to review, amend and finalise the scope of project/works to be completed.


Sign off by customer

This stage in the process is the opportunity for GMS Contractors and the customer to get together again, to finalise and approve any amendments to project plans and/or agreements and to be absolutely certain that all parties agree on all aspects of the project/works to be undertaken.


Project scheduling

With an agreement having been reached and signed-off by the customer for project/works to be completed, it is time to get things underway. This is where we discuss with the customer a suitable commencement date, and the expected completion date. At this stage we will have already met with our key people and network of experienced contractors and scheduled all the various stages of the project/works.


Regular ongoing feedback

Once a project has commenced, we will provide regular, ongoing feedback and updates to the customer, so they remain fully informed as the project progresses. GMS provide regular updates as each milestone is achieved, what will happen next and the expected timeframe for each stage, always keeping in mind the agreed schedule for completion of the project/works. In the rare case if a delay should occur beyond our control, then the customer will always be fully informed of this as well, with a plan on how we intend to manage or rectify any delays or issues.


Final meeting and signoff

Once all works have been completed, we will then schedule a meeting suitable to the customer so they can visit the site and view the final result. At this time, we will show the customer around the site and go through the project plans and specifications in detail to ensure everything has been completed to their full satisfaction, for final sign off by all parties.


GMS Contractors are insured up to $25m in Public Liability and all of our works come with a proprietary warranty*

Our Qualifications and Associations

Horticulture Certificate

Strata Community Association

Pesticide Licence

Great Northern Business Committee